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Anchor Lasya Shocking Interview with TNR – Must Watch


Now she got interested in her boyfriend Manjunath, a Maharashtrian. In this Private Interview, Anchor Lasya & Manjunath experienced many questions about their work and private things and love with “Frankly with TNR” at Speaking Movies with the iDream show.

Watch the full interview to know more about Anchor Lasya & Manjunath:

Lasya is one of the popular Telugu anchor, which is well known for its strong anchor on the small screen. His chemistry with anchor Ravi has gained popularity among the public and received much applause. But later, both Ravi and Lasya clarified the rumors about their relationship, and their separation from the TV show also created much sensation. Now, there is something special about Raj Tarun and Lasya. The hot Lasya anchor is once again creating headlines because of her secret marriage.

Now she is set to staging a comeback soon and is previously starring in a film titled ‘Raja Meeru Keka’ from the producers of ‘Guntur Talkies.’

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